How to Dominate Social Media in 2020 and Beyond?

Mon Aug 17, 2020
How to Dominate Social Media in 2020 and Beyond?

The way how we consume any product significantly changes with time and social media is constantly emerging as one of the driving forces of that change. We are now into half past 2020 and COVID-19 pandemic has further enhanced its strength as an incredible online tool. 

Whether you are a well-established brand or a new startup, it is essential to remain at the top of the SM game. If you are one of those and getting curious already for using SM platforms to boost your business growth in 2020 and beyond, then you are about to get your answers. 

Vital Tips to Command Social Media in 2020 and beyond

As social media experts from a well-established Digital Marketing Company in Karachi Hyderabad, we have observed the following elements of changes or trends in Social Media marketing. By knowing these insights, one can use social media in a more effective way for his business.

Presence on Multiple Social Media Platforms: Till a few years ago, social media experts were not much enthusiastic about the online presence of a business on multiple platforms but now that scenario has changed drastically. Many of them were used to thinking that each social media platform has its own set of audience based on gender, age, religion, etc and businesses should need to target specifically. Some emphasized on Facebook and some on Instagram and some on Twitter or Linkedin for targeting the audience as per their business type. 

Now, it's 2020 and this phenomenon doesn’t apply anymore. People of all ages, genders, educational backgrounds are converging and using all types of social media platforms with the same enthusiasm. Now it is hard to find a specific social media platform just for the youth or old people. Therefore, as a business entity, you need to present on all major social media platforms. You will get more exposure to a huge audience containing tonnes of potential customers. You can’t miss them just by remaining on one or two social media platforms. 

More Videos and Visually-attractive Content: This is quite an obvious trend and affirmed by many studies too. It has been found that visual content makes up 90% of internet traffic. Social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are the prime examples of that trend. Meanwhile, we can also see that almost every other social media platform including Facebook is encouraging users to put video-based content. Facebook is almost pushing them by doing several video-oriented updates on its platform. 

As a business, you can’t ignore that trend of social media. Users want a story behind the brand and the product or service associated with it and videos are proving to be the most effective way to do that. Put an in-house team or hire a strong social media marketing firm, but you need to click the video upload button frequently for the betterment of your business.

Authentic Content and Showcase Your Brand in Personalised Manner: Content is believed to be king on the internet, and we can’t emphasize the importance of fresh and engaging content on social media. Being authentic makes your audience believe that you have a real voice. As you showcase your brand in a personalised manner, people tend to relate to your brand. More you do it, the more you build your brand stronger through social media. Be authentic and make your brand stand out from the crowd of similar brands. You just need to make sure that you are connecting with the right kind of target audience who are going to be beneficial for your business growth. 

Be Interactive and Engage Frequently: Using hashtags and trendy topics are normal on social media to grab more eyeballs, but you need to go beyond that for making your online presence stronger. You also need to interact with the users for better online reputation. More you encouragingly engage them, the more your brand gets deeper into their psyche. That’s what transforms an ordinary business into a brand and a brand into a mega-brand. Thus, be authentic while posting photos and videos as well as while interacting with online users too. 

Repurpose Your Content: As we can’t expect the same result from every post, you need to identify the interesting ones. Suppose, the audience liked a particular type of video then you can reshare or redesign similar content. You can also run a series kind of things to keep luring your online audience towards your posts. 

Social Media Contests: To get the audience attention, you may also need to reward them. By reward, here we don’t mean just in monetary terms. Even a simple giveaway or a token of gratitude may go quite a deeper in the minds of the audience. Sponsoring social media contests can also boost followers' count in a significant way. Just define a proper goal, a reward, applicable rules and go for it.

Analytics: As we all know, it’s better to do smart work along with hard work than simply the hard work. As a business owner, you need to be smart with a zeal of yielding more ROI. Thus whatever you are doing on your social media platforms, keep paying attention to their analytics. You will gain a lot of valuable insights from them which will ultimately prove very beneficial for you.

Smart Social Media Strategy is a Must

Social media is an incredible pool of possibilities that can push your business quite far on the path of success. A robust social media strategy with the right application of social analytics will certainly boost your business growth significantly. It’s 2020 and you can't afford to miss the benefits of using social media platforms smartly. 

Consult and hire a digital marketing team that can effectively show on social media platforms what your brand has to offer. If it’s done with a smart and result-oriented strategy with a brilliant Digital Marketing Company in Karachi Hyderabad like Alhuda Software House Karachi HyderabadSolution Pvt Ltd, the outcome is going to be very impressive. 

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