How to Draft Powerful and Effective Email

Wed Jul 01, 2020
How to Draft Powerful and Effective Email

On any given day, when you open your email inbox you must be coming across many emails regarding business promotion. This is one of the most conventional marketing techniques in the digital world which is popularly known as ‘email-marketing’. It is the practice of sending desired content as emails to a list of internet users. 

Businesses mostly use them to get customers, though it is also used for generating web traffic, signups, downloads, or other such CTAs. The recipients of an email campaign must be targeted while keeping the demographic of the niche audience of the corresponding business in mind for better results. Also, the email or newsletter must be offering something valuable to those recipients. 

If you are also one of such businesses looking for efficient results through email marketing campaigns but unable to gain something significant from it even after putting in too much effort, then you just have arrived at the right place. We are digital marketing experts from a prominent Digital Marketing Company in Karachi Hyderabad and we can guide you to gain remarkable results through email marketing.

Essential Elements of a High-conversion Email

While creating an email for email marketing campaigns, you need to focus on a few of the elements of the email. You have to make them powerful and effective to transform your email copy into a high-conversion email. Let us have a quick look at those elements and understand how you can use them in your favor for producing great results. 

Highlight Your Brand: This element of the email needs not much elaboration if you are preparing an email with the purpose of using it in an email marketing campaign. You need to make your brand name, logo, and relevant graphics easily visible for the recipients. 


Highlight them subtly so that the recipients can easily and quickly recognize your brand whenever they come across the logo, irrespective if it is offline or online. People start to visualize your brand and feel an association with it and that’s how a business becomes popular.

Clarity with Simplicity: Nobody likes complications, hence you need to keep it simple, short yet clear. As we all know that most of the internet users are now preferring smartphones for most of their internet-based work including email so you need to keep it compact and device friendly for better user response. 


Keep the content organized in a neat format. Use clear and bold headlines according to the feature/part of your business you want to sell to the recipients. Put the 'call to action button(s)' at the apt places that should be visible clearly while matching with the text/image mentioned there.

Appealing to Eyes: Visually appealing things attain quick and more attention than simple and boring things. That phenomena are equally applicable for the emails too.


Along with text, also put visual elements like images, videos, GIFs to create a hard-to-forget appeal in the minds of the recipients. That long-lasting impression makes your brand easily recognizable for them.

Captivating Copy: As images and graphics create a long-lasting image, similarly we can not ignore the power of a captivating copy. If you are putting everything fine but with a bad copy, your efforts are certainly going to be unproductive.


Thus always put compact, informative and precise content in the copy. Also, it helps in generating better results from CTAs, if used smartly. 

Soothing Colors: According to a survey done by a reputed SEO service provider company in Los Angeles, every colour used in an email affects the response of the recipients. Each colour signifies something distinct and different from other colours that may alter the reaction of the recipients. Their smart utilization can make communication via email more effective.

For example red colour generates a sense of urgency, yellow colour calls for attention, whereas colours like blue and green colours soothe with a feeling of relaxation. Thus you need to thoughtfully choose the right and suitable colours according to the impression and emotion you want to create in the recipient’s mind. 

You have to put all these elements for making your email more effective to be used in Email Marketing campaigns or you may simply choose to take assistance from experts. Consult SEO and Digital marketing experts at Alhuda Software House Karachi HyderabadSolution Pvt Ltd for availing the best kind of email marketing services. As a renowned Digital Marketing Company in Karachi Hyderabad, we work with a result-oriented approach and deliver excellent outcomes always.

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