How to Find the Right Keyword When You Don’t Know Anything About Digital Marketing

Wed Sep 23, 2020
How to Find the Right Keyword When You Don’t Know Anything About Digital Marketing

If you are a blogger or a digital marketer, you better know the importance of keywords in a blog post. Ranking on the first page of Google depends on the selection of the right keywords. Being a digital marketer or a blogger, you know all the tactics of finding the right keywords to rank your blog post on the first page of Google. What if you don’t know anything about digital marketing? How will you deal with the problems arising during the search of keywords? If you know nothing about blogging or digital marketing, how will you find your perfect keyword? In this blog, we will try to sort this problem through a step by step guide.

#1. Think Like a Customer

This first step is to think like a customer. Put yourself at the pace of the customer and think if you were him what keywords you would search on the internet to find the best company for a particular product. You can also take the help of your friends, family members, and other customers to find what keywords they would use to search on the internet to find the best services or products. This will help you get many keywords.

#2. Study the Types of Keywords

In step 1, you got a number of keywords. Now, prepare a list of these keywords and move to the second step which is studying the different types of keywords. Spend some time on the internet and study the keywords. This will let you know the types of keywords in digital marketing. If you study properly, you will know about all the types of keywords like short tail keywords, long-tail keywords, LSI keywords, etc. After this do more study on the internet to find the correct way to use these keywords in your blog, article, or website content.

#3. Use Keywords Research Tools

In step 2, you have learnt the types of keywords. Now, it is time to find the right keywords for your content. For this, you can take the help of different types of keyword research tools. You can search on the internet by typing the best free keyword research tool. Or you can directly use the most popular keyword research tool developed by Google, named Google Keyword Planner. This tool is free of cost and is used by millions of bloggers today. Simply type any of the keywords from the list which you have prepared in step 1 in this keyword planner and it will generate a number of keywords according to the users’ searches.

#4. Study the Competition

If you think that after step 3, you have found your perfect keyword, you are wrong because to find the perfect keyword, one more step is pending which is the keyword difficulty check. If you have followed the first three steps, you have plenty of keywords in your list. But out of these keywords, selecting the best keyword is a challenging task for you as you are new to digital marketing. Keyword difficulty is the factor on which the ranking of a blog or article depends. Now, the question is how to calculate keyword difficulty? There are many keyword difficulty score checker tools available on the internet which you can use. To select the best keyword, what you have to do is enter the keywords one by one from the list you made and check the keyword difficulty for each word. Write the difficulty of each keyword on the list. When you are done, select the keyword which has most searched with the lowest difficulty. This process takes time but after performing this step perfectly, you will find the perfect keyword.

#5. Take the Help of Digital Marketing Companies

This step is not necessary if you have found the perfect keyword in the above four steps. Even if you face any difficulty in finding the perfect keyword for your website or blog, you can take the help of digital marketing companies. You can search for the best digital marketing company in your area and compare their prices online. By taking the services from digital marketing companies, you will get the perfect keyword.

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