How to Write Killer Headlines for your Blog

Fri Aug 28, 2020
How to Write Killer Headlines for your Blog

The title of a blog plays a great role in drawing traffic. There is no benefit of writing great content if users do not read it. Catchy headlines force the readers to click your blog post. 4U approach taught by AWAI (American Writers & Artists Inc), your headline should:

  • Be useful to the readers.
  • Provide users with a sense of urgency.
  • Convey an idea that your content is unique.

In this blog, we will discuss some tips by which you can create unique and catchy headlines for your blog posts.

Tips to Create a Catchy Headline

There are no straight and forward heading writing rules. We are going to share with you the tips to create catchy headlines:

Make a Promise

Your title should make a promise to all the readers. It should clearly state what the readers will learn from reading the article or blog. You should also focus on your target audience, as it is very important to know your customers, readers, and email subscribers. Before writing a heading, you should keep the following points in mind:

  • Who are your customers?
  • What are your customers interested in?
  • What do your customers need?
  • What are the problems that your customers may face and how can you help them to resolve their problems?

If you add interrogative words like how, why, and what, you can make your headings more clear for your readers. For example, if you are explaining the benefits of digital marketing to your readers, you can use the following combinations, rather than simply writing “Digital marketing benefits”:

  • What are the benefits of digital marketing?
  • How can digital marketing help you grow your business?
  • Why should you need digital marketing services?

In the above three headings, you will explain the same - benefits of digital marketing. But out of these three headings, the second one will get more clicks because the heading is related to the business.

Do Your Research

Writing a headline for your blog without doing proper research is a total waste. Research gives you an idea about the users’ needs. What are your users looking for? The following resources will give you an idea about powerful headlines. Study the headlines that writers have created in these resources for great heading examples.

  • Direct response advertising headlines
  • Magazines
  • Tabloids
  • Popular blogs

You can also use the headlines used in these resources by doing a few modifications.

Learn Why

Instead of just copying someone else’s headline, it is more important for you to understand why it works. Once you understand this, you will be able to create catchy headlines for all your blog posts. Soon you will understand what kind of headline structure works the best for attracting your audience.

Be Credible

In the first point, we have discussed that a good heading should make a promise to all the readers. Now, you have to deliver that promise to your users and make the heading more credible. How do you keep your promise? By delivering quality content, as simple as that. Nobody likes an empty promise. Therefore, if you have not explained the same thing in your blog that your heading defines, your readers will not come back on your website.

The Most Powerful Headlines

Two types of headlines are considered the most powerful and popular and we are sure that you have undoubtedly seen these headlines several times while surfing on the internet.

  • The “list” headline.
  • The “how to” headline.

The List Headline

The list headline is a powerful headline that forces maximum users to click on your post. This type of headline also makes the writer deliver the promise easily. It is not necessary to add the “list” word in your heading, your headline should give the users an idea that your article contains the list of XYZ. Some of the examples of these types of headlines include:

  • List of tips to create powerful headlines.
  • 5 proven ways to create a better headline.
  • 10 tips to create a catchy headline.

The How to Headline

These types of headlines are another most effective headlines. How and Why are the two most common questions asked by people? If you create “how to” headlines, they will attract more readers. Read the following examples.

  • How to write killer headlines for your blog.
  • How creative headlines can promote your business?

Some Other Proven Formulas to Create Killer Headlines

You can also write headings of your blogs in the following formats:

  • The secret of...
  • Method to...
  • A little known ways to...

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