Top 5 Reasons Why Visitors Ignore Your Website

Mon Sep 07, 2020
Top 5 Reasons Why Visitors Ignore Your Website

As a blogger, you want your website rank on the first page of Google because this will generate a lot of organic traffic. But most of the bloggers do not get enough organic traffic. If you are among those bloggers, have you ever asked the following questions from yourself?

  • Why is my website not performing?
  • Why is my website not getting traffic?
  • Why is my website traffic getting down?

If no, never mind, we have answers to these questions. In this blog, we will discuss the actual reasons for which the visitors ignore your website.

Loading Time

Website loading time is one of the factors which should not be ignored. A website with less loading time receives more traffic than the one which has more loading time. Let’s understand the importance of website loading time with the help of some questions mentioned below:

  • What is page load time?
    The time a website takes to load completely refers to the page loading time of a website.
  • How long will users wait for a page to load?
    Most of the users wait for 3 to 4 seconds for a web page to load.
  • Why is website speed important?
    Website speed is important to get more traffic. Let’s understand it with the help of an example. Put yourself at the place of a user. You are searching for a particular thing on the internet, say, the best digital marketing services. You come up with a number of results. Of these results, you opened a website which has taken more than a minute to load. Would you like to visit the same website again? Absolutely not. One more thing, website loading time also affects the SEO rating of a website. The more the website loading time, the less is the SEO rating. If you ignore this factor, the rank of your website lowers down slowly which decreases the traffic at your website.

Responsive Web Design

Before discussing this topic, let’s see the responsive web design definition. A responsive website is a website which fits on any device irrespective of the size of its screen. Responsive web design is important to engage more users. A website, which does not have a responsive design, shows users the desktop version on all devices. Today, most of the users prefer their mobile phones to surf on the internet, therefore, responsive web design should not be ignored. If a desktop version is shown on a mobile, the users need to zoom in and zoom out multiple times. This frustrates the users due to which they lose interest in your website. This will decrease your website’s organic traffic. There are many responsive web design techniques available on the internet, which will help you create a good website.

Too Many Popups

Pop-ups are good because they help in increasing the conversion rate, but excessive pop-ups are bad for every website. If you use excessive pop-ups on your website, this will irritate your readers because to read the main content, they have to close all pop-up windows. Before creating pop-ups on your website, always remember the following points:

  • Provide an easy option for the users to dismiss the pop-up.
  • Say no to pop-ups for existing users.

Too Many Ads

Ads are a good source of generating revenue. But placing too many ads is not a good idea. Too many ads also irritate users. Moreover, it seems that you are focusing on revenue more than providing the users with quality content. This will affect the ranking of your website and soon you will see a fall in the organic traffic. This means that the websites that have a lot of ads have a bad SEO rating.

Website is Not Secure

Have you ever noticed a symbol of a lock on the left side of the address bar of your web browser when you open a particular website? This symbol tells us whether a particular website is safe or not for the users. By the word “safe”, we mean that the users’ confidential data remains protected on a website. Secure websites have HTTPS in their address while on the other hand, unsafe websites have HTTP in their address. This is one of the easiest ways to recognize safe websites. Doing a money transaction is not secure on the websites having HTTP protocol. Because such websites can steal user’s confidential information.

Closing Words

In this blog, we have seen the actual reasons for which the visitors do not like a website. If you want your website to rank on the first page of Google, you should take the points explained in this blog seriously. Ignoring these points will decrease the SEO score of your website.

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