How to Create a Great Content

Wed Aug 12, 2020
How to Create a Great Content

Content is the king. Quality content is the heart of digital marketing. Whether you want to develop a website for your business or attract an audience from social media platforms, quality content is mandatory. Now the question is how to create great content. This is what we are going to discuss in this blog.

Keyword Research

Do not start writing a blog or an article without researching on that topic. In order to create engaging content, proper research is necessary. Keyword research will help you know your users’ interest. Proper keyword research not only helps you create content as per users’ demand but also helps you rank high on Google.

Friendly Tone

It is another important factor for creating engaging content. Always remember a point that you are creating content for your audience and not for yourself. Therefore, it should be easily understood for all levels of the audience, from a preschooler kid to a postgraduate person. Do not use high-level English words in your content. Because most of the users are familiar with simple English words. If you use high-level words in your content, then your users have to check out the meaning of multiple words in the content while reading it. This will irritate them and they will lose interest in your content. Due to this, your website will start losing traffic which in turn decreases the SEO rating.

There are many tools available online using which you can check the readability score of your content. They also give you suggestions for how to improve content quality.

Grammatical Errors

Your content should be free from any type of grammatical errors. Not only the grammatical one, but you should also take care of spelling mistakes. No user is interested in reading content which doesn’t make any sense.

Besides this, you should also take care of the structure of the content. It is very important to arrange your content in a logical order if you want to engage more audience. You should not jump from one point to another without completing the previous one.

There are many software available which help you check the grammatical error in your content. Grammarly and Ginger are the most popular used grammar checking software online. You can use these software to check for any type of grammatical and spelling errors in our content. These software help you create quality content with zero grammatical errors.

Always perform the following checks before publishing your content:

  • The content should be free from grammatical errors.
  • All the spellings in the content should be correct.
  • The content should be organized in a logical manner.
  • The language used in the content is friendly with the user.

Text Formatting

The content written in a friendly tone is always easy to read and understand. Besides this, text formatting is also another crucial factor to be taken into consideration. It is also an important factor from an SEO point of view. Following points will help you create a good page format:

  • Important things should be highlighted in bold or italics.
  • Always use short sentences and paragraphs. The use of long sentences and paragraphs will make the content difficult to understand for users.
  • To facilitate reading, you can use bullets and numbering.
  • Headers (H2) and headings (H3) are mandatory to include in the content to make the text more digestible for the audience.

By following the above steps, you can offer our users a quality content writing.

Use Different Content Forms

You can also complement our written content with other media, like:

  • Pictures,
  • Screenshots,
  • Videos,
  • Charts, etc.

These are some of the ways by which you can present your content in a better way. Visual content is much better to understand as compared to the simple text. Besides this, the visual content also increases your site authority and enhances the SEO score.

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