Blog Commenting: What It Does To Your SEO Efforts

Sat Aug 18, 2018
Blog Commenting: What It Does To Your SEO Efforts

As you continue digging deep to bolster your holistic SEO marketing exploits in 2017, one strategy which has helped you reap benefits for decades now, continues to be as effective – even today and that’s blog commenting. Those who still haven’t considered using them till date should concentrate on re-prioritizing strategies- because if they’re not doing so, they are definitely missing out on a lot! Read on to find out what exactly we mean.


What are the “white hat” benefits of blog commenting that you should be aware of?

Blog commenting is an important part of the on-page SEO techniques. There are businesses that know it. So, if you’re currently going through the SEO packages spelt out by the leading agencies around, make sure you’re asking them whether their off page pursuits include blog commenting or not. There are myriad benefits to be explored as far as your blog traffic is concerned – let us tell you. What are they? Here are your answers!

Establishing your credibility

One of the immediate advantages of writing blog comments is getting a chance to establish your credibility online. As a brand you’re much invested in what’s happening around you and you’re willing to show that interest via commenting on your peers’ blogs. There’s so much more you can actually do by commenting on blogs.

Let’s suppose you’re a make-up artist – well aware of what your peers are doing through their blogs- who’s visiting their blogs and what make-up related questions are posted in the comment section— and go on to reply to them as well. If you’re able to offer unique but relevant solutions or viewpoints you can expect to propel your brand in more ways than one – where there will be point when the internet audience will want to know more about you because they now know that you know what you’re doing and that’s a major push!

You are establishing your online identity .. rather solidifying it

Thorough blog browsing – i.e. browsing blogs that are related to your industry- might as well lead you to those looking for products or services that are offered by you. You should make an attempt to let them know that you are “in the race” to meet their needs as well. It is important to get your name in front of them at first. Blog commenting is definitely an avenue to be considered without fail. If digital marketing is all about personalization today then let us tell you that there is no better way to establish your “human voice”rather than to resort to blog commenting.

Inserting blog links

There are so many blogs that allow you to insert your own blog links while you’re commenting on the same. There are others that allow you to insert links after you’ve already commented for around 10 to 15 times there. However, one should understand that these are no-follow links – as such you are not inserting them for direct inbound links. You’re rather engaging in natural link building over the period of time.

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