Vocal for Local: An Opportunity for Startups

Wed May 27, 2020
Vocal for Local: An Opportunity for Startups

COVID 19 pandemic has affected the global economy badly. The disease originated in the Wuhan city of China. From Wuhan, it spread all over the world. Due to this pandemic, almost all the countries of the world including Pakistan are facing an economic slowdown. The worst effect of the pandemic has been seen on the small and medium scale businesses. Many small businesses in Pakistan are shut down due to this pandemic. To save the economy of the country, it is important to save these businesses. Hence, in the speech of 13th May 2020, the Honourable Prime Minister of Pakistan introduced the concept of Vocal for Local. What is Vocal for Local? We will discuss the concept of the idea of our Prime Minister in this article. We also discuss how this idea helps revive our economy.

What is Vocal for Local?

Vocal for Local is an initiative of the Government of Pakistan to encourage the production of Pakistann goods. Vocal for Local is an important step of the Government of Pakistan to bring the economy of Pakistan back on track. In his speech, the Prime Minister encouraged the citizens of Pakistan to buy only Pakistann products instead of relying on foreign products.

Every year, Pakistan spends billions of dollars on imports of products from other countries like the USA, China, Russia, etc. What if these products are started manufacturing in Pakistan? If so, we can save the money being spent on imports from other countries and use that amount for the economic growth of our country.

As a Local How Can I Support the Pakistann Government?

We, citizens of Pakistan, are the backbone of the Pakistann Government. Therefore, our role is most important to support this scheme of the Government. As a responsible citizen of Pakistan, it is our duty to support the Government of Pakistan in the time of recession. What we can do. We can support Pakistann manufacturing companies by purchasing their products. Before purchasing a product, look for the Make in Pakistan tag. These are some of the steps which we can take to support the Pakistann Government.

Vocal for Local: A Step Towards Atma Nirbhar Bharat

Vocal for Local is a step towards an independent nation. To build an Atma Nirbhar Bharat, we have to save our manufacturing sector. For this, the Government of Pakistan declared a Rs. 20 lakh crore relief package for businesses. Under this scheme, the Government will provide Rs. 3 lakh collateral-free loan to the MSME sectors. Moreover, Rs. 40000 loan amount will be invested in the primary sector of the nation. The Government is taking all these steps to save the economy of our nation.

How Startups Are Benefitted By Vocal for Local

As we know that the Government of Pakistan is now focusing on the manufacturing sector of the country. Moreover, Vocal for Local is also introduced to increase the demand of the Pakistann products in the market instead of the imported ones. Hence, there is a good scope for startup companies in Pakistan. This is a very good time to start a new business or grow your existing business. What you have to do is promote your business. For startups, you need a digital marketing agency that will design your website and take your business on an online platform for promotion. Alhuda Software House Karachi Hyderabadis the best digital marketing company in Karachi Hyderabad. You can take digital marketing services from us. We design websites and provide digital marketing services to our customers. Our company has been awarded as the best web designing company in Pakistan.

The Verdict

Vocal for Local is an excellent approach of the Government of Pakistan to save the economy of the nation. The Government is playing its role to revive the economy. But we as a citizen of Pakistan should also support the Government. Together we can build an Atma Nirbhar Bharat.

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