Why You Need to Focus on Relevance instead of Google Algorithm Updates

Mon Jun 22, 2020
Why You Need to Focus on Relevance instead of Google Algorithm Updates

The secret of achieving top ranks on Google and other search engines is having high-quality content of the corresponding webpage. But to attain the quality you need to focus on the relevance too. Web content should be engaging, well-written and it should connect with the user intent by providing what he is really seeking at the moment. 

The website and SEO experts from a reputed Website Designing Company in Karachi Hyderabad, also suggest that instead of countering the changes in Google’s algorithm on a one-to-one basis, business owners and webmasters should focus on A/B testing and studying user behaviour to ensure the success of their content marketing strategies. That will be more fruitful. 

How quality content and relevant content differ?

The quality of a content piece is determined on the basis of grammatical finesse, ease to read, and having utilized title and headers in an apt manner. It should be comprehensive according to the topic of the respective web page and may not be in the best interest of the users. Thus, it can be said that high-quality content may not be the most relevant one too.

Internet users generally look for immediate, trustworthy answers to their queries. If the particular web content is providing the information that users want, it is considered as the right and relevant content. The relevance of the content becomes crucial because, after a point, Google starts to consider the way users are responding on a particular webpage. 

Here come the parameters like the bounce rate, the duration of stay of the user on the corresponding webpage, and their engagement on it through CTA buttons and hyperlinks into consideration while deciding the performance of that webpage. And that performance ultimately decides the rankings of that webpage on relevant search query results. 

How to attain high quality and relevance in content?

There are numerous parameters defined as the algorithms of the search engines like Google that pushes the content towards the top rankings. Let us have a quick look at some of the factors listed by the SEO experts that makes a content a truly high-performing content.

  • Optimal Length but Comprehensive: It is believed that the longer the better, but it may not be true in all cases. Along with an apt length, the content piece on the webpage should be comprehensive regarding the subject it is representing through that webpage. It will automatically attract more users looking for a specific answer. Short content pieces can easily outperform long content pieces, as long as the users respond positively to it. Thus, it can be summarised that content should have simple use of language, engaging and impart comprehensive information regarding the corresponding topic instead of being lengthy.
  • Appealing representation: Attractiveness of a webpage also impacts the way users respond to it. Instead of putting extravagant and heavy graphics, webmasters should focus on putting the structured data to make a web page visually appealing. 
  • Authority: According to Search Engine Journal, Authority determines the accuracy and factual truth. A web page having proper links and other signals of affirmation can be called as authoritative. Backlinks help in establishing a site's authority. That authority assesses the users’ response too.
  • Language and writing style: Grammatically correct, well-organised written content with headers, titles and other such elements enhances the value of an article. Content should resonate with the user’s needs in a smooth way. Business owners need to study user behaviour too along with Google algorithms. 

If a content piece is answering the query in a compact, impressive and comprehensive way, it is fine content. Google primarily ranks the URLs according to the usefulness and relevance of the content with the search query intent. You carefully need to follow these without overdoing it anywhere. 

As a business owner you need to fulfil all these parameters in an efficient manner to create truly relevant and high-quality content or instead of doing all that, you can simply consult and hire experts. Get your website transformed into a high-performance business tool with the website and SEO experts from Alhuda Software House Karachi HyderabadSolution Pvt Ltd, an eminent Website Designing Company in Karachi Hyderabad, providing Content Writing Services for Blogs, Article and Website. Let us take your business on top along with your website.

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